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YZF1000 R Thunderace 1996-2003 Exhaust Downpipes Headers

YZF1000 R Thunderace 1996-2003 Exhaust Downpipes Headers
YZF1000 R Thunderace 1996-2003 Exhaust Downpipes Headers YZF1000 R Thunderace 1996-2003 Exhaust Downpipes Headers YZF1000 R Thunderace 1996-2003 Exhaust Downpipes Headers YZF1000 R Thunderace 1996-2003 Exhaust Downpipes Headers
Stock Status:   In Stock
Product Brand:   Black Widow Exhausts
Model:  YZF1000R Thunderace
Type:  Downpipes
Material:  304 Grade Stainless Steel
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Upgraded Performance Down pipes/Headers
Fits:  Yamaha YZF1000R Thunderace 1996 to 2003 models
  • Designed for improved performance with significant weight savings. 

  • Weight : 3.8 Kilos (8.4 lbs), Saving over 7 kilos ( 15 lbs ) on the original headers.

  • A common fault on the Thunderace is the Exup valve seizing, resulting in broken control cables and power loss.

  • These upgraded headers are design to out perform the original headers with no Exup valve. 

  • Developed in 2019 we have brought the Thunderace exhaust up to date using 21st Century Technology.

  • No re-jetting/modifications required for bikes on standard settings.

  • Made from race specification 304 grade stainless steel, ultra light with maximum performance.

  • Four engine port gaskets included.

  • This will accept your standard Yamaha end can/silencer or any aftermarket silencer designed for your Thunderace.

  • Remove the exhaust control cables, leave the electric motor in place. No fault codes will show.

  • 2 Year Black Widow Warranty

Frequently asked questions.

My original exhaust has an EXUP Valve, yours does not have the valve will it lose performance ?

There will be no power loss, by using the latest exhaust design the Exup valve is no longer a requirement.

My friend removed his Exup valve from the original headers and it now performs badly.

Yes, this is correct, the original headers use a large cast iron chamber, the original can not be converted to work without the valve, removing the valve from the original headers will cause power loss. 

When the original Exup valve is fixed in place there is a power loss as certain RPM. Will yours have the same problems.

The original valve will cause problems when secured in only one position, the chamber and valve for the Exup does not allow for it to be in a permanently fixed position.

My EXUP valve has a servo motor connected to it, will it give a fault code if I remove it?

We recommend leaving the exhaust servo motor in place, by only removing the drive cables no fault code will appear. If the servo motor is unplugged from the wiring loom a fault code will show on the rev counter on start up. Servo buddies can be used if you wish to remove the servo and do not want a fault code to display.

I have a silencer/muffler that fits the original bolt type flange will it also fit yours?

Yes, any silencer/muffler that fits the original Yamaha headers will also fit ours. We use the same exact style connection with the same bolt on fitment.

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Sharon-Exeter-5 Stars

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of Thunderace Exhaust Downpipes, a quality product. They arrived on the Thursday and were on the bike and working perfectly by the Friday.

I have a very happy 'Old Man'.