Silencer Specifications

*Performance Race use only. Our silencers do not have BSAU, EU or TUV Type Approval. Please be sure to make the necessary local enquiries before purchasing.

Silencer Body Length
Silencer / muffler length & noise level explained.
200mm to 230mm  Our shortest and lightest silencers. Designed for an aggressive sound, even with the removable baffle in position.
300mm to 370mm  Intermediate silencers for a higher sound level than OEM. Quieter in volume than our 200mm and 230mm, but louder than our 400mm.
400mm The quietest of our silencers, designed to be slightly louder and less restrictive than the original. Slightly smaller and lighter than most OEM silencers / mufflers.

All of our silencers come with a removable baffle already in place. All of our silencers are compatible with our secondary baffle that fits into the inlet end to reduce the volume further.

Silencer Tip
Silencer / muffler tone explained.
Carbon Gives a deeper, more bass-like tone.
GP / Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Creates a sound often heard on race bikes. Available in silver or blue colours.
Narrow Stainless Steel Provides a higher-pitched, classic “chuff-chuff” sound.

The tip creates the type of sound you’ll hear from the silencer, without affecting the volume.

Silencer Material
Silencer / muffler material explained.
304 Grade Stainless Steel Known to be the best grade of stainless steel for motorcycle exhausts, 304 grade is strong, durable and withstands heat without distorting.
Black Stainless Steel All the benefits of 304 grade stainless steel, but with a black, heat-resistant paint covering for those who prefer a darker look.
Carbon Incredibly lightweight and scratch resistant.


Silencer Shape

Although mostly a matter of personal preference, the shape of the silencer may affect the reaction of your bike due to the variation in back pressure. Please note, not all silencer shapes will fit on all models of motorcycle due to the range in diameter, and various positions of things like panniers, foot pegs and heat shields.

Please visit our Black Widow Facebook page and Black Widow YouTube channel for a size and sound demonstration of our silencers fitted to owners’ bikes.